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Things you should consider when order mesh produce bags in bulk

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The world is becoming more eco-friendly. Laws are even being passed to reduce the amount of plastic used in the world. This is why more and more businesses are investing in wholesale mesh produce bag products. Supermarkets, grocery stores, bodegas and other businesses lower their carbon footprint and also get in line with a host of new laws and regulations. Purchasing mesh produce bags in bulk or wholesale saves a a business a lot of money. The following are some of the things to consider when ordering such reusable bags.

Type of Fabric

Reusable bags come in many different types of styles. You can invest in polyester tote bags, or you can invest in mesh or netting types of materials. Take some time to really consider the overall impact mesh produce bags for grocery stores will have on shoppers. Mesh bags are lightweight and allow customers to see what is inside, but they are not as durable as a polyester bag or traditional tote. Cotton is another option, though it is heavier by nature and may cost more. Lastly, you may find mesh produce bag manufacturer who have products made out of recycled materials. These are the most eco-friendly options, though they may cost more. If you want to invest in natural fibers, pay attention to if the bag is GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), which considers how the textile was made using ecological and social criteria. With so many options, it is wise to consider your budget and the overall look of the bags when deciding which bags to integrate into the store.

Consider the Style of the Bag

A wholesale mesh produce bag can come in many styles. Some bags are rolled or tied shut and some bags have a drawstring. There are also washable options with sliding closures, and there are tote options too. You should think about the impact of different bags and how they will be displayed. Will you have them hanging on hooks? Will they be sitting in a stack? When you are looking for an organic mesh produce bag manufacturer from Turkey organic mesh produce, consider the color too. You could invest in a standard hemp or natural looking color, or you could go for a loud red or green. The color of the bags should fit your brand and overall aesthetic.

Organic Cotton Mesh Bag Sizes

Size of the Bags

Next, you need to think about the size of the mesh produce bags for grocery stores. Do you want to get a uniform size or will you need different sizes? This decision goes back to what your store is selling. Do you expect customers to invest in larger fruits and products? Is your store smaller in size? Thinking through how customers shop allows you to make a smart decision when it comes time to talk with a mesh produce bag manufacturer.

How Much Weight Can They Hold?

Similarly, you should consider the size of the bag along with the amount of weight it can hold. Do you want to go with smaller bags that can hold more weight? This might mean customers need more than one bag. Do you want to invest in larger bags that can hold larger items but less weight? Some stores will invest in a range of sizes because they want to meet all needs whereas others will pick a size and stick to it. Ultimately, it is always important to consider the type of store this is and the type of customer you want to target. If people come to the store for large shopping trips, then it is wise to invest in a plethora of weight options. If people run into the bodega or smaller store for smaller purchases, then you may be able to invest in smaller bags with smaller weight limits.

Marketing and Branding

Reusable mesh produce bags for supermarkets benefit marketing and branding as much as the world. You can add a message or logo to the top of the bag, the bag itself, on the zipper and more. Some stores will want this logo added in a small and discreet way whereas others will want the whole front of the bag branded. Take some time to play around with the options. A mesh produce bag is a walking billboard for a grocery store or business. If customers care about the environment, they will cherish this bag and talk about it. Even casual customers will keep this bag around for their shopping trips. That is the power of reusable bags; they are not discarded, thrown away or pushed into a closet. Businesses can be confident that these bags will be used and on display.

How Will the Bags Be Given?

Stores have a big decision to make about these reusable produce bags. Will the bags be sold, or will they be given away? Some businesses will do a giveaway for the first week and then charge a small sum for the mesh bags. Other stores will tie them into a purchase. For example, if customers buy a certain amount of fruit, then they get the bag free. A business could also give way the branded bags once a year to motivate customers to come into the store during slower times of year. It is important to think about the cost of the bags, the type of customer who comes into the store and the benefits of a giveaway versus a sale.

Benefits of the Mesh Produce Bags

There are many benefits to reusable mesh produce bags. Customers will no doubt love when a store is going green or eco friendly. After all, this is becoming something very common and popular in today’s world. However, there are other reasons to invest in an organic mesh produce bag manufacturer from Turkey. For example, other bags are very flimsy. Traditional clear plastic bags or netting tend to rip easily, which is frustrating when people are shopping for fruit. No one wants to see a bag of apples fall in the middle of a store or when walking in the door. Shifting to mesh produce bags relieves stress. Secondly, reusable bags are more pleasing to the eye. Lastly, because the bags are sturdier than plastic options, shoppers can fit more into these bags. No one wants to make multiple trips from the car to the home or plastic bags that will only be thrown away. Reusable mesh

produce bags make shopping more efficient and a lot less stressful.

There are many benefits to transitioning to a whole mesh produce bag for your business. Not only is this an environmentally friendly decision but there are customer benefits too. People will love how sturdy the re-usable bags are, and they offer more in terms of branding. After all, the bags are not thin and clear; they are vibrant with color and can even have a store’s logo or slogan on it. Take the time to really consider the type of bag you want to invest in. This means weighing everything from the size and look to the type of bag available. Investing in mesh produce bags for supermarkets are a chance to keep up with the latest trends, save money in the long run and improve brand visibility.

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