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Since we have clients all over the world we are shipping worldwide to deliver goods to or dear clients wherever they are in the world.

We have 3 main shipping options, first and most preffered one is the Express Air Shipment provided by DHL. This method allows us to deliver goods and samples anywhere in the world in 2-3 business days at very reasonable prices. For the actual orders, if an order is bigger than 31kgs. that shipment qualifies for a special rate which makes it even more feasible and because of this feature it is our most preffered way of shipping.

For certain shipments, we can only use sea shipping via containers, especially the ones we send to North America, Australia, and South America. We work with MSC for overseas container shipping but you are more than welcome to pick your own carrier. Since Turkey is covered by water all 3 sides, we have many port options to load our goods. You just provide us with the directions and we will take care of the rest.

For US shipments, lead time for a container to a port in East Coast will usually take about 3-4 weeks depending on the weather conditions.

Turkey is strategically located between Asia and Europe acting as a natural gateway between continents which provides easy access to the Middle East, Russia, and EU countries.

We are working with many different freight companies to carry our loads to subject countries but you are always welcome to provide your carrier and we will drop off your goods to their office in Istanbul for free!

If you want us to handle the shipping process that is also possible. We will provide you with options and you will choose the one you see fit.

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