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Benefits of using organic mesh produce bags when shopping

Our world is dangerously scary now with a lot of plastic bags building up in our environment. Even the tops of our mountains and our beautiful oceans are soiled with all sorts of plastic.

Plastic is a modern material that requires valuable resources like petroleum and natural gas to produce. To make things worse, it pollutes the environment because of its inability to degrade and break down quickly. A single plastic bag can last for thousands of years because it is not biodegradable to start with.

What’s even more alarming is that a plastic bag is used for a very short time before it is discarded. These are the primary reasons why are landfills, streets, and waterways are full of these plastic waste. Luckily, there is a simple way to combat this. We can personally decrease our plastic bag consumption by using an eco-friendly drawstring mesh bag or a cotton mesh bag for our shopping.

These days, there are even reusable bags like a private label mesh bag produced by popular companies to show their support of the green movement. This white label mesh bag offers many benefits, including reduced production of waste, increased convenience, and many more.

We really have to thank our mesh produce bag manufacturer /makers because they make it possible for all of us to continue on with our shopping without guilt through these reusable and washable cotton mesh bag and reusable bags. Continue reading on below for the numerous advantages of using a drawstring mesh bag for your shopping.

Reduction of Plastic Waste

Data indicates that the whole world uses an astounding five hundred billion plastic bags annually world wide. That’s a rough estimate of a hundred and fifty bags per person each year. If we actually make the effort to connect the ends of these plastic bags, we’ll all be amazed because the length we will make can circumnavigate the world around 4,200 times. If each of us will use an organic produce bag in bulk for all our shopping needs, we can reduces these aforementioned numbers.

One of the biggest benefits that we will reap from switching to reusable and environmentally friendly eco-bags over the traditional plastic bags is our action’s environmental impact because we help with waste reduction. Even big companies have made their own one of a kind private label mesh bag by asking a mesh produce bag manufacturer to craft them a premium white label mesh bag with the company logo and using the company colors.

By doing this, the amount of plastic waste we make will be decreased. There will be less trash on our landfills that can lead to a more toxic soil. There will be less floods because these plastic bags clog our drainage systems. With our intentional usage of eco-bags like mesh bags, we minimize our harsh impact on mother earth because these bag are often made with biodegradable materials like jute and cotton, so we will not be a part of those that pollute the environment and hurt the planet.

Overall All Positive Impact On the Environment

The conscious decision to use eco-safe mesh bags leads to the overall reduction of the amount of plastic waste being released to our environment. Thus, the numerous possible ill-effects of these plastic waste are thereby also minimized. Since these plastic bags do not decompose and can stay in our earth for almost a thousand years, they have been the known culprit for wild life injury and even death.

These plastic materials have been well documented online, showing how they injure animals in the wild who mistake these plastic bags for food. Some also get injured when they are pierced by hard plastic. Each year, a hundred thousand animals end up ingesting plastic material, which is very harmful for them and can cause suffering or immediate death.

In addition to that, those plastic waste that don’t make it to the landfill or recycling facility suffer the risk of photo degradation. This means, excessive exposure to light and head will cause the release of their toxic polymer particles in our environment, which can further destroy the ozone layer and perpetuate the Green House Effect. Worst case scenario, at times, these combustible products can readily be set on fire if it is too hot out causing even more damage with bush fires.

Less Usage of Vital Natural Resources

Remember it takes fossil fuels and other natural resources to produce plastic. Manufacturers need about 12 million oil barrels in order to make plastic bags annually in the United States alone. This does not even include transportation and disposal. By making the effort to invest in an eco-friendly bag, we are contributing to less fossil fuel consumption. On top of that, we also save water and promote a more sustainable way to use our already limited resources. As we can all see, the usage of reusable eco-bags has a far reaching effect on our environment.

Promote and Show Our Support For Environmental Friendly Initiatives

By using these mesh bags, we are showing our support for the environment. Since we can also purchase these eco-bags with our favorite brand or earth-friendly slogan printed on them, we inadvertently promote to others this green way of life. There are a broad range of reusable bags that have various shapes, materials, colors, and bold prints/ messages. It can carry our fashion shopping or our serve as our organic produce bag in bulk for our big purchases

In this digital world of ours that rely so much on social media, a negative or a positive incident can spread rapidly like wildfire on the world wide web. Companies that choose to show support for the environment will boos their company’s reputation. Thus, doing anything that can protect or benefit our environment is always a good idea and great decision.

In addition to this, having a cool and nice logo in a well designed eco-bag can become a fashion accessory. Businesses can use this a s leverage because it can become a fashion accessory. This makes it easy for clients to see a business’ brand wherever they go.

Reduce the Tax on Plastic

Numerous stores have been refrained from using plastic. Many cities have been known to release ordinances banning the use of plastic bag. Those who do are heavily taxed or fined. With the imposition of these strict sanctions, we will actually be able to avoid any added expenses levied when we go shopping with a mesh bag.

The plastic bag tax has increased the cost of plastic bags not just for the retailer but the shopper, too because it is passed on to them. This makes the purchase of reusable mesh bags even more appealing. In the long run, it is a lot more cheap for all of us consumers to purchase our own mesh bags. In the same token, this will be cheaper for businesses, so they can pass on the savings to us, their clients. With customers always on the look out for discounts in order to save some cash, they will be happy with this decision.

Spend Less Money and Time for Cleaning Up

Take note: it takes around four thousand US dollars to recycle just one ton of plastic bags. This then creates a product that can be sold for $32 only. Imagine all that effort for such a paltry outcome. These plastic bags may be cheap and easy to use, but we all have to be aware that they are very hard to clean up. The amount of our tax money that is being used to clean up the mess they leave behind is better spent elsewhere on things that matter and give value like healthcare and education.

Another form of clean-up to consider is the eco-bag itself. Should we happen to soil our bags, clean up is a breeze. Just throw into the wash and rinse with ultra hot water to disinfect the bag. And voila, we can use it again as if it is just as good as new.

A Lot Stronger and More Comfy to Use

These environmental mesh bags are lot more strong, sturdy, and durable than the traditional plastic bag. They are also more comfy to carry because they don’t dig into our palms. Eco bags allow us to carry more on our hands with less stress on our delicate skin. These mesh bags also have stronger and more ergonomic handles that permit equal weight distribution without any discomfort for us.

In addition to that, reusable bags do not rip when they get snagged on something, making them the safe choice to transport our shopping, whether grocery or from our favorite retail store. They are also less likely to break or burst when we stuff them with our heavy canned goods. Pointy shoes have been known to rip through plastic materials, but this doesn’t happen with a trusty reusable bag.

Bigger Size to Accommodate a Lot More Stuff

We also have to take into consideration that these mesh bags are so much bigger than a conventional plastic bag. They can be easily folded and take up minimal room in our bags, so we can bring them anywhere we need to go. We will only need a reusable bag or two to handle our normal shopping. Because they are big and strong, they can actually accommodate a lot more stuff than you think. From canned goods, fresh produce, milk, cereal, to cold cuts, all of these can fit right in our favorite eco bag.

Takes Up Less Space

Let’s admit it, we all have a plastic bag stash in our kitchen pantry. By using reusable bags, we won’t end up soiling our cupboards and drawers with those flimsy plastic bags. Again, reusable bags are made of biodegradable materials. As we can all see, it is very evident that is high time to lose the plastic bag stash in order to save mother nature and give hope to our future generations.

Gives Us Peace of Mind

Using a reusable bag reduces our own part in making plastic pollutants for the environment. As we have discussed, there are numerous problems of excessive plastic bag waste from clogging our drainage system to hurting animals. Even if one person just transitions to the use of an eco-bag, that’s already saving about 22,000 plastic bags over one individual’s lifetime.

If we all use a resuable mesh bag, we know that we are all making a responsible decision and a commitment to our environment. We can go shopping without guilt knowing that we are purchasing our items in a responsible manner. It is critical to do our part to reduce plastic bag usage as caring citizens of the world.

Bottom Line

As we can all see, there are so many advantages for using eco-friendly reusable mesh bags over traditional plastic bags. There are now so many kinds of reusable bags in the market today, so we are all spoilt for choice. It is actually fun to choose what colors and designs appeal to our eyes. The biggest challenge that we all have to face is making the transition to actually use them.

Fret not because once someone starts the habit of carrying an eco-bag, it is like an addiction that is hard to break. But this habit is something that no one will really want to break because it’s impact on the environment is just immense. We all live and share this world with a diverse set of flora and fauna. It is our responsibility and moral obligation to make it safe for every living thing on the planet.

Ordering Cotton Bags

If you are thinking of ordering wholesale cotton bags from a reputable manufacture, look no further and contact us. We can fulfill all your organic cotton mesh produce and cotton tote bags request. Call or emails us today!

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