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Everyone knows that because of the growing plastic pollution problem the ultimate solution is to reuse stuff. Every day around the world millions of plastic mesh bags are used once and thrown away and end up in our oceans. But there is a better way.

Depotel is one of the leading manufacturers in mesh produce bags. We have solutions for every client's specific needs.

We provide different types of mesh options (such as; round net, fish net, Sydney opera, diamond ring, majestic, bullet cotton, chessboard, snake leather, small jaal, etc..)  as well as the size and branding options.

If you have any specific mesh produce bags request please contact us via email or by phone and one of the specialists will get back to you.

Fabric Types

As a mesh produce bag manufacturer, we have 9 different main fabric types that we use for our cotton mesh produce bags. Between these 9 models, 140GSM Fish Net is the most popular and widely used fabric type around the world. Each fabric type has a different use and implementation around the world, the most widely used "Fish Net" is used by vegetable producers and supermarket chains. Since we do custom orders too we can customize the bags according to your requirements, including the fabric.

However, you have to keep it in mind that we might not always have all of the fabrics in stock so if you require custom work then the lead times are longer than usual when compared to our standard orders. If you have any specific requirements or any questions about the process please don't hesitate to call or email us!

Standard Sizes

We manufacture cotton mesh produce bags in 5 different standard sizes and we usually have all of them in stock. We picked the sizes that are commonly used around the world so that we can present them to our clients all over the world. By keeping stocks in the selected standard sizes we reduced the lead time drastically because then if a client picks one of the stock items all we need to do is sew their cotton woven labels. So if you are interested in ordering one these sizes with your logo on it, please contact us now so that we can check our stocks for availability. Please don't forget that we can always do custom sizes as well. If our standard sizes don't work for you please send us your specifications and requirements so that we can get back to you with a quote and a delivery date for your custom natural cotton mesh produce bags. 

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